Commission Advisory Board (CAB) Planning Meeting


St Maria Goretti Community Center

 7300 Crowder Blvd New Orleans La 70127

Tuesday, June 26,  2012 ~ 6:00 p.m.



I.                Call to Order

II.              Roll Call/ Sign In

III.            Introduction of Special Guests

IV.            Review and Approval of Agenda                                                  

V.       New Business:

A.    Citizens Organization for Police Support -COPS 7 Commissioner Busby

1. Supply Drive for NOPD District 7

B. Community Notification of Proposed Sites

      1. Sun Energy

      2. Off Track Beating (OFT)

                  C. New ENONAC Website

                  D. Beautification Project

1. Landscaping/Enhancements along Downman, Crowder, Read and Bullard Boulevards


**Question & Answer Period           Two (2) minute limit                                                     


  VI.     Old Business

                  A.  Vacant Sectary Positions

1.Executive Board Secretary

2.Staff Secretary                                               

B.    House Bill 956 - Act 426  ($5- $10) Dollar Parcel Fee


2.Proposed Budget

3.Public Relations, Marketing and Outreach Initiatives

a.      Forum            


**Question & Answer Period           Two (2) minute limit                                                     


VII.  Announcements:

       A. Call for Crucial Community Participation at City Hosted Meetings

    1. City Planning Commission Public Hearings

    2. Blight Stat and Quality of Life Meeting

    3.Thursday, July 5, 2012 11:00- 12:30 Department of Safety & Permits


VIII.  Adjournment


* Only those who have completed the provided speaker card and recognized by the President may speak during a meeting. Public comments and questions should be addressed to the President.


SSR 6/22/2012