General Meeting

St Maria Goretti Community Center

7300 Crowder Blvd New Orleans La 70127

Tuesday, July 10,  2012 ~ 6:00 p.m.



I.             Call to Order

II.           Roll Call/ Sign In

III.          Introduction of Special Guests

IV.          Review and Approval of Agenda

V.           Adoption of Meeting Minutes

VI.          Treasurer’s Report                                                   

V.           New Business:

A.    HLUZ Committee Report

                                     1. Dog Park

       2. City Planning Commission Notices

                              B. How City Hall Works Part I-Corinne Villavaso  

                                    1. City Planning Commission Process Overview

               a. Land Use (Master Plan) and Zoning (Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance)

               b.  City Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Adjustments

D.  Rail Road Trues Bridge South of the Danzinger Bridge – Commissioner Angelo Kingvalsky

E. Beautification Project

1. Landscaping/Enhancements of the Crowder, Read and Bullard monument signs.


**Question & Answer Period           Two (2) minute limit

  VI.     Old Business

                  A.  Vacant Secretary Positions

1.Executive Board Secretary

2.Staff Secretary                                               

B.    House Bill 956 - Act 426  ($5- $10) Dollar Parcel Fee

1. City Council Resolution By Council Member Jon Johnson

2. Proposed Budget

3.Public Relations, Marketing and Outreach Initiatives

a.      Forum            

**Question & Answer Period           Two (2) minute limit                                                     


VII.  Announcements:

  A. Call for Crucial Community Participation at City Hosted Meetings

               1. City Planning Commission Public Hearings

               2. Blight Stat and Quality of Life Meeting

               3. Budget Hearings

B. Economic Development Committee Report

1. Grover Brothers - Restaurant Supply & Dishwasher Rentals

Address: 10064 I-10 Service Rd. NOLA, 70127 Phone: 504-241-2313


VIII.  Adjournment



* Only those who have completed the provided speaker card and recognized by the President may speak during a meeting. Public comments and questions should be addressed to the President.