Commission Advisory Board (CAB) Planning Meeting


St Maria Goretti Community Center

 7300 Crowder Blvd New Orleans La 70127

Tuesday, July 31, 2012 ~ 6:00 p.m.



I.                   Call to Order

II.                Roll Call/ Sign In

III.             Introduction of Special Guests

IV.             Review and Approval of Agenda                                                  

V.       New Business:

               A. Intro of Interim Councilman District E      Councilman E. Charbonnet                     


               B. Nola East “Families Get Fit”                                  September 29, 2012

      1. Marina Site

      2. Possible Tour of Lakefront Airport Terminal  


               C.  New Secretary                                                      Ms. Claire White

                            Tuesday & Thursday -Schedule Use of office /questions

                                    9:00a.m.   - 12:00 p.m


   D. Iris Development                                                 Curtis Doucette  (10 min)

                                                                                             Renovator Blighted Homes

**Question & Answer Period           Two (2) minute limit                      


VI.     Old Business

A.    Proposed Parcel Fee (Bill 956 - Act 426)   Five (5) Dollar Parcel Fee

a.  CAB Member Responsibilities

b. Schedule Explanation Presentation for HOA Meetings 

                                 c. Planned Public Relations, Marketing and Outreach Initiatives

1.      Parcel Fee Forum

~ August 18, 2012     Location TBA           


     B. Committee Reports


**Question & Answer Period           Two (2) minute limit                                                     


   VII.   Announcements:

       A. East NOLA Business Expo               Saturday, October 13, 2012

                   5555 Bullard Rd                         10:00a.m.  – 6:00p.m


 VIII. Adjournment


* Only those who have completed the provided speaker card and recognized by the President may speak during a meeting. Public comments and questions should be addressed to the President.


SSR 7/27/2012