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St. Maria Gorreti Community Center ~ 7300 Crowder Blvd

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 @ 6:00 p.m.


I. Call to Order/Roll Call

II. Introduction of Special Guests

III. Review and Approval of Agenda  

IV. Review and Approval of July 9, 2013 General Meeting Minutes  

V. Review and Approval of Treasurer’s Report 

VI. New Business

            A. Review of  NOE Redevelopment Project                                           

VII. Old Business

A. ENONAC Retreat – 2nd Part/ August 27, 2013/CAB Meeting           

B. HLUZ Committee met with:

                      1. Family Dollar Store Developer- Morrison & Read

                      2. Off-Track Betting (OTB) Swilling Center on Bullard

            B. Overview on Zoning Issues

                   1. Update on Zoning Ordinance 

                   2. CAB Position on Provisos for – Chris and Heather Nguyen, request of

                         Conditional Use/sale of alcoholic beverages on premises at 7030 Bullard Ave

           C. Resolutions

                   1. Parcel Fee – resolution submitted 8/1/2013 for adoption by the Council

                   2. Chris Reception Hall 7030 Bullard/request for “conditional use/sale of alcohol           

           D. Heart Walk - review

VIII. Announcements

IX.    Adjournment

Public comments and questions:

1.       When no voting - Questions and comments will be taken at the end of each agenda item.

2.       When Voting – Questions and comments will be taken after a Motion has been Seconded and prior to voting.

3.       Each Question sand Comment has a two (2) Minute limit

4.       Only those who have completed the provided speaker card and are recognized by the President/Chair may speak during a meeting. Public comments and questions should be addressed to the Chair or other members of the Commission